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Optimism is Warranted

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

While I have in the past been accused of being a compulsive optimist, it is a pejorative I gladly embrace. In my role, one needs to be optimistic – yet, realistic – in order for projects, products, and companies to come to life.

As the year begins, I commend our team for plowing through the pandemic and delivering, in spades. We know things will never be the same; we will not “return to normal.” There will be a NEW normal, and it will be very, very different from anything we’ve seen before. The workplace will be different, work styles and patterns will be different, and there will be demands for new technology.

We’ve responded; we shifted, flawlessly and without skipping a beat, to become a “placeless entity”, delivered our MVP, filed a series a patents, secured our funding, and secured the most important thing to any company: customers to serve. The PCN is one incredible team.

Our purpose, our mission is big. Really BIG. The magnitude is attracting an incredible team of highly skilled and accomplished people who embrace this vision and are delivering: ideas, innovation, technology, and customers. These first-phase customers are shaping how we think about commercial and consumer transparency. Transparency is becoming expected; in many industries it will be required by government regulation. Businesses who embrace this will realize: supply chain visibility and operational efficiency, compliance with digital disclosure requirements of regulatory and oversight bodies, and means to engage customers in ways never before possible. Businesses who don’t embrace transparency, well……

2020 was easily the most productive year of my career; I have the PCN team to thank for that. 2021 promises to be absolutely incredible; hence my optimism. Trust me, it’s warranted. Stay tuned here for details of what we are doing and how it will affect you.


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