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How to Get Started


Assess My Supply Chain Transparency

Schedule a free Transparency consultation with one of the PCN Supply Chain Experts to review your current set of operations to establish a current level of transparency and draft an initial Provenomics® Alignment Matrix for implementation to the PCN Platform. This free consultation will provide you with a bespoke strategy for optimizing transparency with the PCN and other trusted technologies.


Digitize My
Supply Chain

With the help of a PCN Implementation guide, you will create a digital representation of your supply chain activity. This will involve the creation of corresponding data objects for the People, Places & Products that make up your operation. It will also include the alignment of your operation work flows to the Provenomics® Framework of: Requirements – Incentives – Claims – Evidence. In many cases, some critical elements will already have a corresponding representation within a digital system. In these cases, the PCN will set up system integrations to ensure proper synchronization between various data objects and their source of truth. The PCN advantage is that it will bring all current digital and analogue operations into a single interface.


Engage My Supply Chain Partners

With your supply chain operations digitized and integrated into one platform, you can begin the process of issuing requirements and incentives to your suppliers. They in turn, will be able to submit claims* with supporting evidence. You will also be able to securely submit claims and corresponding evidence to your customer’s requirements. In either case, neither the customer nor the supplier will need to be an active user of the PCN to view and respond to requirements, incentives, claims and evidence. *Claims - a claim is an affirmation a company makes in response to a requirement. An example claim would be, “we are ISO9000 certified.” Evidence would be the “proof” for a claim. An example piece of evidence would be the signed certificate for certification. Evidence has quality ratings. If the certification was sent by the certifying organization, it would have a higher score than a self-submitted certificate.

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