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The Provenance Chain™ Network Partners with Leonid to Help Expand Operations


The Provenance Chain™ Network (PCN), developer of the Commercial Trust™ Protocol, today announced a
partnership with Leonid, a financial services platform supporting U.S. Federal Government contractors.
Through the partnership, Leonid will provide PCN...

The Provenance Chain™ Network Announces Partnership with ALLCLIR™


The Provenance Chain™ Network (PCN) has entered into a partnership with AllClir™, maker of measurable disinfectant sensors.  This partnership creates the ability to verify surfaces have been sprayed with the adequate amount of disinfectant,  and to create an immutable record of the event...

The Provenance Chain™ Network Co-Founder & CTPO Appointed to Port of Portland Commission


Effective March 15, 2021, Ketan Sampat, Co-Founder and Chief Technology & Product Officer of the Provenance Chain™ Network (PCN) began his term on the Port of Portland Commission. Earlier this month, Ketan’s appointment to the Commission from Governor Kate Brown was Senate approved...

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