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We are Launched

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

With that, we’re launched.

Thursday last week, the team “threw the switch” and activated the Provenance Chain Network® (PCN) and we started aggregating data on behalf of our first customers. This is the culmination of thousands of person hours from this incredible team I am fortunate enough to work with. But this is just the first step of our mission: Bring transparency to commerce and reveal the lifecycle story of every product.

Yes, that is a very big BHAG. Fortunately for us, quite a few people and companies “get it”, understand the importance, and are willing to lead by example.

Last week, we announced the Oregon Transparency Initiative (OTI). Now, this is a really BIG DEAL. The OTI is a collaboration of business, academia, public policy, and trade associations who collectively declare that Oregon’s Food and Beverage Supply Chains are, and will continue to be, the most transparent on the planet. We recognize this is a journey and it will require hard work from everyone in the supply and distribution chains of how we get products from cow to cream cheese, grape to glass and share these journeys with each other, government regulators, and consumers alike. And we will use the

OTI as a model for National scaling.

This journey began two years ago; my co-founders and I are proud of reaching this first of many milestones. I am grateful for all who listened to our ideas, encouraged us, supported us, challenged us, and – most importantly – believe in us. I am proud of this first step and cannot wait to see the impact this movement has on the world. When you are the shopper of the future, remember where the movement started ─ Oregon: the most transparent supply chains on the planet.


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