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Use Cases


Parts Pedigree Verification

The Problem

The United States National Security relies on the safe transport of mission critical payloads to space by launch vehicles with validated material origin stories. Parts Pedigree Reviews (validating the origin story of critical components) are a slow, tedious, and fallible process.

The Solution

Quality Engineers will benefit from standardizing the user experience for pedigree reviews with a contractor agnostic interface. Digitizing the pedigree review process will reduce travel for manual reviews and enable automation of workflows for the reduction of tedious or error-prone tasks.

The How

  • Users enter data into PCN's software suite manually or via integration.

  • PCN's Provenomics® engine aligns pedigree data to a proprietary framework.

  • Pedigree Review findings are logged into the PCN and shared to appropriate stakeholders for resolution.

  • Automated workflows track progress, initiate actions and highlight issues for resolution.

The Benefits

  • Integrating data from disparate sources creates a comprehensive, mission level source of truth, which enables efficient validation.

  • Automated detection of discrepancies / anomalies allows the user to focus on items that need attention.

  • PCN’s FedRAMP cloud environment ensures all data is NIST compliant, and allows users to share with authorized parties only what they need to.

  • Extending the expertise of the workforce means that Quality Engineers will be able to support the forecasted launch tempo without increasing headcount.


Product Authenticity Verificication

The Problem

This industry faces significant challenges with counterfeit products, unauthorized refurbishments, and non-franchised distribution channels. These challenges not only result in financial losses but also erode trust among consumers, regulators, and stakeholders in the industry.

The Solution

End-to-end transparency and traceability across the supply chain ensures that every product's origin and journey can be verified. This transparency should be backed by a system of evidence supporting company claims and revealing product lifecycle stories.

The How

  • Integrate with the PCN platform by setting up digital twins for products, suppliers, and distribution channels.

  • Collect data at each stage of the supply chain and store in PCN's standardized Universal Data Container.

  • Utilize PCN's Full Lifecycle Traceability feature to verify the origin of each product.

  • With PCN's Permissioned Distributed Ledger, control who has access to your secure data. 

The Benefits

  • Empowered Consumers can make informed choices

  • Reduced risk for Brands

  • Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chains

  • Operational Excellence


Guest Worker Verification

The Problem

Due to an aging population in the United States, our nation’s economy is facing a shortage of healthcare professionals that will increase over the next few decades.

The Solution

The United States has always used and must continue to use immigration to subsidize its economic growth. This solution requires a more efficient but still secure means of validating individual identities, as well as medical credentials for worker eligibility in key roles in the United States.

The How

  • Mobile digital wallet that contains ID and credentials

  • Agents and employees can verify the owner's immigration status easily

  • Wallet can contain additional verifiable evidence of education, training and past employment

The Benefits

  • Foreign born healthcare professionals no longer need an intermediary

  • Efficiency for DHS employees

  • Liability-free efficiency for hiring organizations


Blended Product Authenticity Verification

The Problem

Provenance is an especially difficult problem to solve for blended products, as the final product has many origin points as opposed to one.

The Solution

The solution to identifying the provenance of blended products is to provide an easy means of capturing information at the point of origin, as well as at points of combination.

The How

  • Users capture data at the point of production, and a digital twin is created

  • When products are mixed, a new digital twin is spawned, containing the aggregate data

  • A single batch of product can be traced to multiple origin points

The Benefits

  • Can prevent unnecessary waste in food supply chains

  • Assurance that pesticides, hormones or other undesirable ingredients have not been introduced

  • Prevents counterfeit or inferior ingredients from entering the supply chain of blended products


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