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The Verdict

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The verdict: “I’m impressed as hell”

Two weeks ago we launched our network and began processing transactions for our first customers. Last Thursday, we unveiled the functioning product to the founding members of the Oregon Transparency Initiative (OTI) . Unsolicited at the end of the presentation, a senior executive at a major super-regional brand had this to say: “I am impressed as hell.

Feedback doesn’t get much better than that. Thank you very much.

Another attendee said: “I am completely blown away. I see endless possibilities for how this will transform our business, meet our societal goals, and engage consumers in whole new ways. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to us.

Feedback from the first customers to launch included: “…this is awesome!”; “…I cannot believe how simple this is to use.”; “We can use it to do....”.

Last Friday we had our first ever company retreat. This was the very first time anyone (other than the Founders) met anyone else in the company face to face. Yes, you read that correctly: this product, network, company, and ecosystem was conceived and developed entirely on Zoom and digital development tools. Without the benefit of visual body language cues, shared “white board” sessions, or the simple human connections one develops through the shared common experience of a physical work environment, this team developed EQ skills (listening, presenting, empathizing, feedback, direct, difficult

conversations, etc.) that allowed us to execute. Most importantly, we had to develop trust in the confines of a virtual environment.

Our team nailed it. And, we have a great roadmap in front of us, across multiple industries.

Thank you to all who believe in our vision and mission; it is great having you on the journey.


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