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We're Having a (Graduation) Party, Part 2

It’s June which means many of our family and friends and their children are completing school programs and are advancing to the next level, “commencing” the next phase of their journey. We at the Provenance Chain™Network are doing the same thing: We’re Graduating! (Didn’t we just write this last week?) Oh yeah….

Yesterday, under the leadership of Amy McDougall, our Chief Commercialization Officer, the PCN officially completed an 8-month Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) program. We are honored to be part of the space stream and proud to be one of the 16 companies selected from a pool of 300 to present at the Graduation ceremony of the 20 streams.  Anchored at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, this globally-ranked, top-10 accelerator program is not for the faint of heart. This program is different: the focus (and motto) is: Build Something Massive (not a better PowerPoint). The program is a series of 8-week sprints where mentors (intensely-sharp executives from around the globe) probe leadership, financials, tech, results, and strategies all in the interest of helping companies grow. The critique is fast, direct, and brutally candid. And, one can be bounced from the program at any time if mentors do not believe. We’ve become a better company as a result. This illustration captures our progress:

Thanks and recognition to: Chris Hadfield, creator of the Space Stream; Fergus Klein for leading our evaluation; Peggy Sue Deaven for being our “Sensai”, and all of the mentors who give freely of their time and expertise – we are immensely grateful. Special shout out to Emer Dooley who first made us aware of the program and encouraged us to apply.

And, we are most grateful for encountering Charlie McGillis in the mentor pool; she chose to join PCN and lead our public sector activities.

We’ll share more of the outcomes of this achievement and our plans in coming months. For now, we’re celebrating Amy’s leadership and the company’s achievement. Way to go team. Congratulations!


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