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What are we fighting for? You might be surprised by the answer.

By Jeff Gaus

This post is inspired by Thomas Friedman’s most recent piece in the New York Times

Opinion | America, China and a Crisis of Trust - The New York Times. This should be required reading for every American citizen. You’ll understand once you’ve read it.

Friedman posits the reason for our disagreement(s) with China – which likely may escalate to war – are based on a lack of Trust.

Yes, you read that right: our Nation does not trust theirs, and they don’t trust us. Period.

This lack of trust is everywhere: we don’t trust our media, government, business, academic, and commercial institutions; oftentimes with good reason. This is the message I delivered to the United States’ Attorneys General Alliance (AGA) at a Privacy, Blockchain, and Crypto conference recently. I reminded the group the whole reason Bitcoin was created: people have lost faith in our institutions, in particular Central Banks.

Trust is built through transparency; and to have transparency, one must be transparent. It really is a team sport. It is intentional, it is a mindset, it is a culture, it is a way of life. And it’s becoming an expectation, a feature. It will become table stakes for commerce in the future because it’s: National Security, Sustainability, and Consumer Protection.

Friend Richie Etwaru says it best with his quote:

“Every organization faces disruption by a trusted version of itself.”

The article arrived during a strategy meeting with our founders, investors, and advisors and it couldn’t have been timelier. Friedman’s article and Etwaru’s quote affirm our company’s purpose: Building Trust Through Commercial Transparency. Everyday I find a new application for The Commercial Trust™ Protocol.

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