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The Provenomics® Engine

Driving change can be hard. People need to hear clear expectations and sometimes receive an incentive to change their behavior. Bringing transparency to supply chains is no different.


At the heart of our platform is a system of requirements, incentives, claims, and evidence that we call the Provenomics® Engine. Here’s how it works.






Throughout the supply chain, buyers interact with sellers. On our platform, buyers set transparency requirements for sellers. These requirements can relate to the supplier, to products, or even to a specific order.

For example, a buyer might require evidence that a seller uses age-appropriate labor, demand an origin for a product, or require proof of on-time delivery of an order.

Sellers respond to each requirement with a claim that’s supported by the required level of evidence, such as a document, a photograph, an internal audit, sensor data, or an external certification.


The Provenomics® Engine matches requirements with claims and evidence and highlights any exceptions so they can be resolved.

For sellers who need a little extra encouragement to gather and share transparency data, buyers can deploy our optional incentives capability, either offering premiums for compliance, or extracting penalties for non-compliance.

For example, a mission critical component gets flagged and corrected based on the ability to see an anomaly before launch is delayed. 

This powerful system of requirements, incentives, claims, and multi-level evidence is unique to our platform, and allows you to drive ideal behaviors all the way up your supply chain giving you end-to-end visibility, traceability, and provenance.

How to Get Started

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