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We’re Having a (Graduation) Party, Part 1

It’s June, which means many of our family and friends and their children are completing school programs and are advancing to the next level, “commencing” the next phase of their journey. We at the Provenance Chain™ Network are doing the same thing: We’re Graduating!

Yesterday, PCN Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Dan McMorris, graduated from the Eisenhower School of National Security and Resource Strategy. Part of the National Defense University (NDU), Eisenhower School is one of the military’s leading executive development programs and reports directly to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is one serious academic program that only the top 10% of military personnel are selected  to attend.

Dan completed a Master’s Degree with two certificates 1) Master of Science in National Security Resource Strategy from the Eisenhower School and 2)  Senior Acquisition Concentration diploma from DAU credited as ACQ 401.

He co-authored, with (ret.) Lt. Col. Wolf Petermann, a strategy and policy framework paper for the semiconductor and microelectronic industry and for the overall supply chain strategy to support distributed manufacturing. Dan was one of 600 students who went through the five colleges of the NDU this year; he was one of only five Industry Fellows. Representing the PCN, Dan was the first ever Start-up Industry Fellow in the NDUs 100 year history.

First, hats off and our deepest gratitude to all of the people who serve this Nation and our allies. The more we interact with you, the more impressed we are with who you are and by what you do. We Americans take a lot for granted (freedom, safety, security) because of the role you play in defending our Nation and way of life. Thank you.

Second, this is an unbelievable institution and program. It was a major stretch goal for Dan and our company. We were recruited by Gen Joy Curriera with a 45-day acceptance deadline and 60-day start date. We moved a co-founder off the field, across the country, and inserted him into the DoD industrial base policy and defense operations cauldron for 10 months. 

Third, this journey has been wildly transformative for the PCN. We just spent a year inside the planning and operations of the DoD procurement and supply chain apparatus. This afforded us a deep understanding of how to: protect the intellectual property assets of companies as they license technical and supply chain data with each other and the government; understand how supply chain signals operate; and employ selective disclosure to comply with supply chain mandates while protecting IP and trade secrets. The new world order requires a sophisticated system of supply chain transparency. We’ll share more of the outcomes of this achievement  and our plans in coming months. For now, we’re celebrating Dan McMorris’  achievement. Congratulations!


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