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We’re launched

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Welcome to the Provenance Chain Network®. This company began taking shape in the winter of 2018/2019 after a meeting where I was asked what I would do with a particular supply chain initiative.

Our mission is: to connect partners to the world’s largest, most trusted, open-standards provenance network.

We are a group of seasoned professionals from supply chain, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, financial services, and government whose purpose is to bring transparency to commerce.

Over the coming weeks we will share our perspectives, our strategies, and the technology designs companies will use to gain clarity and confidence in their commerce chains and services consumers will use to be reassured of products’ origin and authenticity.

We will focus on specific vertical industries and we welcome your input and participation. This consortium becomes more powerful and trusted with more participants and increasing collaboration.

So, welcome to The PCN; we look forward to collaborating with and serving you.

Meeting of the minds August 29, 2019


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